The smallest state of the country, Goa is among the best holiday destinations in India. A place of great souvenirs, Goa is a hub for tourist activity and has some of the finest markets. From smallest to biggestsouvenirs, the place has so much to offer. The things available here are usually made of materials like paper, beads, brass, and coconuts. Along with this, you can find various types of crafts that have been influenced by Hindu, Christian and Muslim cultures. The artistic samples here present a perfect mix of all the three cultures.

If planning to visit Goa, you can check New Delhi to Goa flights airfare online and book tickets as well. Along with this, start preparing a list of the things you will bring back from there. Here are the top five things you can buy from here:

  • Beaded Stuff

You can shop accessories made of beads, natural stones, and coloured glasses from here. You can find beaded chains, bracelets and flip-flops, and many souvenirs too. You can find these things in the markets situated near the beaches. On these beaches, you will find many sunburnt tourists wearing these beaded accessories.

As the name suggests, these handicrafts are made using sea-shells. You can find necklaces, slippers, coasters, paperweights made out of sea-shells. The colour and size of the shells are different and can be pale pink, off-white or even bluish-white. Moreover, there are handicrafts of myriad rainbow hues that you can get if you are lucky enough. They can be easily found in shops and people selling in carts in the outer areas of the beaches.

  • Henna Tattoos

Goa is a party hub of the country and one of the coolest places to hang out. Tattoos are a part of its culture, be it permanent or temporary. If you are also fond of tattoo and want to have one, then you can opt for temporary henna tattoos that won’t last forever, and will fade away with time. These look funky and can grab many eyeballs. You can find many tribal women on the beach and get a tattoo done on your hand. The best part is that you have the freedom to choose a design from multiple designs which include the famous Om design, geometric patterns, tribal sun designs, and much more.

  • Goan Pop Culture

You can take Goan Pop Culture home with you in the form of culture-themed art and personifications. Mario Miranda is an Indian cartoonist and painter and is popular for these arts. These arts are beautifully mentioned whenever Goa souvenirs are discussed. Drawings of sun sand, musicians, handlebar moustaches, big bellies and heartygrins are popular among these. Some of the products also have designs of “I heart Goa” that you can buy. In case you are bound by your budget but also want to take these along, you can buy them from various shops that offer products with Miranda’s work published on it.

  • Coconut Art

Available in a variety of shapes, Coconut art is another popular souvenir in Goa. The funky coconut shells coir bottles and storage pouches are among these items. These products are a result of great skills and experience. However, these are expensive than other products but are worth for every penny spent!

Besides these, there are many other good things to buy from Goa which include totes, ornaments, beachwear, and much more. All these are significant due to the quality and skills. Many travellers come from North to enjoy the place. If you are coming from Delhi, you can check New Delhi to Goa flights airfare online.

Let’s plan your next trip!